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Our Story


‘Vrindavan’- the lobby describes the sense of purity and serenity that our guest experience on visiting Saavaj Resort. It induces a touch of tranquil in our guests’ minds and souls.

The reception is decorated with indoor plants and lushness which lets our guests experience the feeling of ‘Van’ (forest) and the hospitality of the staff ensures the touch of ‘values’ like politeness and humility.


Vrindavan- The Lobby

As our guests proceed from reception, the hut-like seating arena is an eye-catching element of Saavaj Resort. It is used to accommodate guests during check-in and/or before heading to the rooms, serve welcome drinks at weddings, etc. Moreover, it is a green area for guests to use at their leisure. Owing to its multi-utility, we call it ‘Osari’ as it lets us redesign usage of the place as per need. In addition to this, the word translates to ‘Gallery’ or ‘Veranda’ in the local language.

Relaxation Area.jpg

Osari- The Entre Lounge

One thing which is common in all six categories of accommodation that we offer to our guests at Saavaj is- an area outside the rooms and cottages with unique furniture where guests can sit and enjoy their time along with drinks and snacks from the IRD menu.
‘Baithak- the seating lounge’ comes with its unique essence as it has been used to describe the same purpose for ages.

Saavaj Resort Cottages.jpg

Baithak- The Seating Lounge

'The Green Lounge' is a lush green, open and multi-utility place guest-engagement during their stay to create memorable experiences on the property. In season, we provide indoor games, eco-gym, and other activities to our guests to engage in.


The lounge is ornated with versatile flora with a touch of comfortable seating space for our guests. We encourage our guests to use the lounge at their leisure and invite feedback to make our services better.

Saavaj_green lounge.jpg

The Green Lounge

‘Tulsi’ denotes purity which is the true essence of the food we provide at our restaurant at Saavaj. It induces a sense of pureness and serenity in the guests’ minds as the same is reflected by the ambiance of the restaurant.

Saavaj offers the specialty restaurant 'Tulsi' with authentic cuisine to our guests. Our food is gaining applauds from all our guests and we are thankful for their love and kindness.

Tulsi by Saavaj.jpeg

Tulsi- the restaurant

Saavaj Resorts offers the only ‘pillarless’ banquet in the whole region which can accommodate such a large number of people. Hence it is called ‘Prithvi’ - meaning the earth which is the only planet in our solar system to accommodate such a large number of living elements.

Prithvi has seen numerous happy gatherings and we hope to have many many more. Our service team at Prithvi is always ready to assist you with anything to make your events memorable.

Weddings at Saavaj Resort.jpg

Prithvi- the ballroom

One unique element at Saavaj is its amphitheater which is used for many engagement activities- from Stargazing to cultural performances.
The name 'Vaayu' perfectly describes our amphitheater as it a place of ‘open-air’ and under the sky. It is one of the five life elements and complements ‘Prithvi’- the ballroom at Saavaj.


Vaayu- the amphitheater

The resort has its own vegetable and fruit farms that produce the organic harvest. Ingredients like garlic, lemongrass, mango, chikoo, peanuts and many more can be seen in the farms across the year. We invite our guests to experience the lost essence of farms and fields as a part of their stay at Saavaj. Acquiring ingredients from nearby farms ensures fresh products and reduces our Carbon-print as no transport is required- ultimately making Saavaj a planet positive establishment. 

Zero km sprout strategy by Saavaj.jpg

‘Zero-KM Sprout Strategy’ at Saavaj:

This best resort in Sasan Gir is located at a naturally located region- surrounded by a water body, lushness, farms, fields, orchards and ancient railway tracks. In times where urbanization has made natural experiences rare, we offer a unique ‘Immersive Experience’ to our guests which includes but is not limited to:
-Property tour with ‘Jugaad Chacha’
-Life of a farmer at Sasan Gir
-Plantation and agricultural field experience
-Limba Chai (Lemon Tea)- freshly made at the farm
-Mango Orchards and seasonal fruit-picking
-Bird Watching
-Rural immersion with the locals

Immersive Experience by Saavaj.jpg

‘Immersive Experience’ by Saavaj:

‘Jharonka’ is a unique seating arena at Saavaj which provides a panoramic view of a beautiful check-dam engulfed by the lushness. It is inspired by an old routine of people at Gir, where they spot lions and other wild animals from an elevated place. We offer exclusive meals to our guests and entertain on-demand requests, making it an ideal place for a memorable meal- whether it is a casual setup, family meal or a romantic one.
-Breakfast at Sunrise
-High-tea at Sunset
-Sunrise/Sunset View

Jharonka by Saavaj.jpg

‘Dine at Jharonka’ by Saavaj:

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