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   'Saavaj' in the local language directly translates to 'Lion'!   

As the people in Sasan Gir region live in complete harmony with the 'Saavaj' and Lion- sightings are a daily affair for them, our resort conceptualizes on this beautiful ecosystem and lets the guests experience its essence when they visit Sasan Gir. Since a decade, we continue to bring a natural experience for our guests to immerse in a serene surroundings and experience the magic f nature in the truest sense. 'Saavaj Resort' is the only resort in Sasan Gir area to offer a complete package to the travellers- whether you are a nature lover or a luxury lover, we have the perfect blend for you. To enhance the experience during your stay with us, we offer various indigenous experiences which are beginning to be lost with the generation of today. From farm experiences to organic food production, Saavaj lets you experience it all.

saavaj-resort_dhamal dnace.jpg
Cultural Performance

Local members of the community who were initially brought to India by the then Emperor as domestic help, set up performances for our guests on a daily basis in the amphitheater available in the resort premise. Saavaj Resort does not charge anything for this performance and it is free of cost.

Natural Water Pool

A fully-shaded pool is provided to the guests to enjoy water activities with their loved ones. The speciality of the pool is that it runs on a Zero-wastage method and uses pure ground water without any chlorine. To maintain hygiene, the water is drained out daily in our farms for irrigation purposes.

   Saavaj Resort offers FREE-STAYS to all girl guests below 18 years   

Saavaj Resort is so much more than just accomodation and food, it is an experiential retreat where travellers immerse in many activities and experience the real flavor of the region. The recipe of this  memorable stay runs on the love and warmth of Saavaj team, who make the place feel like home away from home. We have thousands of satisfied and happy guests who support us through the journey and make us do even better. We thank each and everyone of them and invite them to visit again!

" It is awesome place to stay best part is their staff who have been to accommodate customer demand with empathy. Hotel owner gifted all unmarried daughters .Their stay fooding is free very nice thought. Food is too good stay is nice. In terms not location it is excellent . They don't charge you exorbitantly .In short I loved the place will stay in future too. "

- Peeyush on TripAdvisor

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